Friday, April 08, 2005

Guys have a look at my black book

Guys have a look at my black book!

Yes mate im talking to you - Anyone of you blokes out there with a grain of blood in your veins will be aching to see my black book ! yes its full of UK totty ready to say hello in full colour - NOT SAFE FOR WORK or young kiddies - (well if your 13 its ok i suppose !) Altenatively take a peek at Maxim's advert - its actually for some golf clubs - Again its NSFW but if your 13 its ok.

Ladies its all a bit of fun btw - its not rude or degrading - it's actually just "sex" thats what we do - well apart from me as im still single - but im hoping to crack that nutshell fairly soon . . *coughs loudly and looks over at ????? . . . (did i tell you i had a dream last night for hours about this girl - it was great !)

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