Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Google to start Vlogging

Google to start ' Video blogging '

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Google said personal video clips could be saved on its servers
Search engine firm Google is to begin an experiment in "video blogging", according to co-founder Larry Page.

Mr Page told a conference in San Francisco that the company would be archiving people's video clips, starting in the next few days.

This seems all very exciting - but im guessing that we will be unindated with porn again from all these sex spamming bastards that we have already had enough of already.

Personally i think it could be good - as long as it is policed in a good way that keeps the smut off everyday blogs - Do you know what i mean ? I dont need to be looking at breast's all day long - I see enough of that in my mad sex dreams ive been having - Which reminds me - How come in my dreams all the women i meet are absolutely gorgeous ? I mean it seems to me that i have a deep drawn problem - Why cant i find a normal down to earth girl that will love me for who i am ? Huh why ?

Anyway - My weekends story will be up soon - just let me get on with my day !

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