Friday, April 01, 2005

Celebrating Payday

Celebrating payday

Went into town - Met Mo with Sam and Emma (sams cousin whos smashing btw) - did beer and shots - Folly - Tiger Tiger, Yates (saw Barrie and mate) then Milan bar - Saw Louise - spent hours waffling about stuff - met all her friends - laughed all night at a girl who all in all was pretty gorgeous - but she knew it - she had loads of cellulite on the back of her legs bless ! ~ heheh ~ Left there - Met Becky - didnt get into Escapade - i tripped and the doorman thought i was pissed - I was in fairness - abit messy actually - Got a massive chicken sandwich from south end kebab - eat it - yum - slept like a baby

Good enough night for ya ?

Feeling a bit retarded this morning - drinking lots of water - the headaches seem to have calmed down - excellent - still going to docs later - check mole on chest out

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