Thursday, April 14, 2005

Butlins here we come !

Butlins here we come !

Tomorrow is an all day National Sales Meeting - Beleive it or not i have to do a bloody presentation in front of 30 odd bad-boy salesguys with ALS - should be an absolute hoot - O did i say that i have to do it in my school uniform ! YES thats bloody right - So not only looking like a cock i have to withstand ribtickling all W/end from the Guys in Bognor Regis Butlins !

Now those guys in America wont know Butlins - Let me explain - Its the UK's version of Disneyland - If only without any rides or attractions - All the staff wear Redcoats and it basically sucks bigtime -Have a look at the lovely pictures of where me and 30 guys (and gals) are going !


Doesnt look too bad does it ! I mean theres bugger all to do there really - nothing that i wanna do anyway - and you have to pay for everything - which will be fun bearing in mind im almost brassik - So back to today - im tired and emotional - i need my bed again and some nice food - i will be off down the kebab later to solve that - its cheap and nasty but hey beggers cant be choosers right and im begging at the moment - To those buggers who owe me money by the way - I NEED IT BACK - i dont really wanna be chasing all day like a wanker i dont have the time - and when i call you and see how you are - Dont be offended if i ask you for it - I didnt lend you money so i could be skint - So when you get paid - Pay me !

Or i'll push you about ! hehe

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