Monday, April 11, 2005

Bloody brill weekend

Bloody brill weekend

Enough said ! - Friday was very long - In the Rectory until 7.30 with da boyz - very tired and KW turned up to work as i left - called SC and more or less 5 mins later i was in my comfort zone - playing Tiger Woods 2005 which by the way has just added £20 to my pocket ! thanks to his jammy win in Augustus (how did he do it huh !) - anyway Kev Tates reeling coz of that "who is he anyway" was his fleeting comment last week - well i have to say i agreed (in silence) well done Tiger - and hope your Pa gets better soon.

So anyway Woodsy's win aside - i spent all night Friday in front of the goggle box - albeit a 32" Sony Wega with surround sound - So Saturday i spent on my own in bed with 15" shitty telly and a pizza - Luvverly - Sunday woke early and called the cru - Popped to Randoms house as he needed supplies and then onwards to what i thought was the Rectory - but nooooo got picked up by Beccky and Mo and off to The Harrow in Warlingham in a convertable Peugeout 206cc - again Luvverly ! - Becky's a scream - shes so up 4 it and 29 which is nice ! all these young birds can **** off as far as im concerned - theres nothing better then a busted 29 YO girl whos got money and a brain - albeit my mates bird - but she clearly stated (in front of him) she has no strings - Great - not for MO tho - and not for me - i like strings - you know me !

So - sitting in the sun - looking at the scenery - and great scenery it was up there ! - and along came someone who i recognised - not a mate but someone famous - couldnt put my finger on it at first and then WHAM - yes i realised - It was Chris Coleman (manager of Fulham) - after much ribbing i decided to go over to him and greet him as Jose (Mourinho)

Not really! - like that would have been really silly of me - Instead i got my camera phone and got Becky to take our picture - And as soon as i get the stupid thing working i'll post the damn picture (fucking shit fone bastard twatting shite) *cough - sorry bout that - tourettes set in for a minute then. . .

Right so many wife beaters in the harrow then off to the Good Companions where we played pool and i saw Frank - of Camden days - Married with kids and clearly bored of his life ! never mind - left him alone as he was always bit of a nutter and then back to beckys to get smashed - Left there at 12 got home and spoke to MH - did some deep talking -0 wish i hadnt now and slept - Woke up this morning with a cry of "oh shit not again" when i realised it was only 7.10 i went back to my slumber for 30 mins - ! god if i was late it would have been curtains for me - ! Luckily i was on time and in good spirits - Probably because of my good weekend !

By the way what a awesome morning it is - weather is gorgeous and im feeling fine !

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