Monday, April 11, 2005

The art of painting

The art of painting

Saw a program on telly this weekend about Vermeer and how down right genius he was at painting and i have to say i agree - I'm not a great art fan but this painting screams genius to me - The girl in the painting is apparently depicted as Clio the goddess of history (or something) and the fact that the painter in the painting has only painted (puts teeth back in) the laurel on her head reinstates that. Also apparently there was a pin hole in the painting where he managed to get the prospective of the floor with a bit of string and some chalk - GENIUS ! . Also there are some oddities - ie look at the painter against the girl - If he stood up he'd be a giant! - Also the marble floor wasnt even heard of in Amsterdam at that time - it would have been to heavy for the 1st or 2nd floor and was only affordable by royalty at that time. Enough already - look at the painting !

What do you think ? im lovin it

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