Thursday, March 03, 2005

Zambian get 8 weeks for murder !

Illegal Zambian drunk immigrant get 8 weeks?

What an absolute outrage - now this is typical bollocks from the UK justice system - On the most part the UK judicial system works well i feel - I mean its a whole lot better then the Yanks system - If only we still fried people to death for massive crimes then it would be better - and thats exactly what this bloke should be subjected to.

Read on the story from yesterdays THE SUN newspaper

A DRUNK illegal immigrant whose car killed a schoolboy was jailed for just EIGHT WEEKS yesterday. Fury erupted as sentence was passed on Zambian Aaron Chisango, who is still in this country despite being refused British citizenship four times. Chisango, who had no licence and was uninsured, was 1½ times the drink-drive limit when his car hit 12-year-old Jamie Mason.

The 27-year-old had downed a bottle of whisky the night before his M-Reg Rover 620 struck the lad crossing a road at 11.30am. Jamie died of head and internal injuries later the same day.

But the Crown Prosecution Service dropped a charge of causing death by careless driving against Chisango because of insufficient evidence. He admitted the lesser offences of driving with excess alcohol and having no licence or insurance.

Fuck right off - if that was me i would have been jailed for a min of 6 months for driving illegally - BUT NOOOOO this blokes here illegally (as if we dont have enough immigrants) hes bloody DRUNK and yet he gets 8 weeks - HEY there is great news as well - He only gets 1 week inside as he spent 7 weeks in custody - Now im ashamed of the Crown Prosecutuion team for failing to lock this fucker up - better still send the bastard back to Zambia - O cant do that - its not "humane" is it ...... against the "Human rights" or something - fuck off

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