Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where does it all go ?

Where does it all go ?

I mean Easter that is - First it was Thursday night and then you blink - and it's bloody Tuesday again - and guess what ! the only clock i didnt adjust was my alarm on my spare mobile that i use as an alarm - So YES i was the idiot in the office that got in late !

JJN back from Dubai - got a pack of Marlboro lights - which was excellent ! he's looking amazingly red and freckly ! hahha - So my weekend was basically all over from Thursday night - Met Mo up at the Rectory and headed off soon after to the Kyber to drop some specs off - yep about bloody 30 pairs ! MO said "right mate if i dont get through at least 300 quid tonight then your a pussy" ~ "Yea right" was my answer - We had been let down by DM re Pascha as he wasnt playing hence he wasnt going coz hes skint - We were still on the guest list - but we decided to head off to Croydon and save some dough - Got stuck in at Mojama - which was ok for a bit but then got bored and dived into Tiger Tiger which was empty-ish until 10pm when it packed out - I was doing famously with 2 absolute honies until Mo went missing with some girl - He called my mobile and said to get my ass round the other bar - where he was getting jiggy! So i decided to join in - next thing i know we are in the back of a BMW M3 doing 80mph up Brighton Road on the way to Warlingham . . .

Then ! and only then i realised that the girl id been winding up with Mo was his bird - ! oh dear oh dear - she was ok - until Mo dissapered for and hour upstairs - doing the obvious - Time flew and at 6am we got a cab back to mine where Mo said he neede to get to work - with out any sleep hahaha ! he was a a fucking wreck ! If it was me i would have said id been in a car accident as that what he looked like (no joke!) - Only thing is he had to open up ! - i text him 2 days later - Still had no response - i wonder if hes dead ? need to get SS's stupid glasses this week and collect some cash from 1 or 2 people (you know who u are heheh)

Went to me Mums on Sunday - where i fell ill with a damn migraine again - Making a doctors appt today - im a little unhappy about the pain - im getting it all the time - my mums unhappy about it too - since shes a regular migraine sufferer - Blew my dad out because of the pain which LT's peeved about - just wrote her an email - Nothing could be done ! said sorry again but im in bad books - Wont be very funny if i need a new brain will it !

All in all quite a good easter break - Shame my Dads got the 'ump ~ never mind

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