Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What have i let myself in for ?

What have i let myself in for?

A little while ago (last week) a certain LH asked me to do her daughter a favour (who is at college) and pop into said college and let her practice on my face (poor her) - Now for some reason its all to do with being equal nowerdays - She has to face pack and basically give me a makeover or something - eeek - (blokes have it done as well as women apparently!) - Now i was a little flattered / peeved when LH came to me and asked - she said "there arnt many blokes that would do this - but i knew you would" - WTF is that supposed to mean . . . hahah - yes i know what you mean - Im more liberal then most - im easy going and generally up for a laugh . . . anything goes basically . . . So i'll let you all know tomorrow how excrutiating this was . . I am really really dreading it !

However im sure my face will love me for it - it needs sorting - maybe she can trim my oversized hairy caterpillar eyebrows ! wahey !

fuck im so dreading this . . .

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