Friday, March 18, 2005

St.Patricks evening . . .

St Patricks Evening . . .

It was all over in a flash really - All day long the distribution lads had a blitz day which by all accounts went rather well - Loads of gadgets being won - mainly by TW ! as always - best prize was radio controlled helicopter whci TW is giving to his bloody neice or something ! the loon - Work is quiet as hell - it seems no-ones up for a new MFC at the moment - and the markets been kicked to death by T4O and DP the bastards! lucky if i make 5% margin nowerdays - seems to me that it's time to look at another strategy long term unless of course i go and burn T4o's offices down - maybe not !

So anyway first stop after work was the Gypo where DF TW GB DS K CR Max and Noah got treated for a few drinks by TJ - thanks to a good day selling Pana kit - 3 guinesses later it was time to move on - CR made me laugh - i said to her that i needed to get home and get some cash if i was to go out - she promptly replied that she didnt need any money and swiftly undid her top and bared boobs and said " IVE GOT THESE " in the middle of the pub - needless to say that made me laugh my ass off and i headed off home to get supplies.

So got on bus and my god - Mo got on ! enticed him to come to the Rectory and he did - Luckily CR was looking out for me and got us in where another pint of the black stuff was waiting for me - K was working and came over briefly - looked as if she was flat out and the place was heaving in all honesty ! So with that in mind we left and went to ---- yep the Purley Arms - must be one of the worst pubs in Britain but hey never mind - CR won £51 on the fruity and we all decided to get a curry - But that went all wrong and i ended up getting a bus home to bed !

All in all a funny night - but reserved ! heres how i feel this morning !

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