Monday, March 21, 2005

Right that's it - Spring is here

Right that's it - Spring is here !

Yep - I had a major breakthrough this weekend - My head after Friday night's jaunt out and about nearly blew up on Saturday - I was in bed all day all night nursing what i can only explain as a brain hemmorage - No matter what i ate or drank on saturday day was coming straight back up after a few minutes - Not well at all - So i ventured off to the local shop and bought some life saving Nurofen to fend off the pain so i could sleep - They did the job well - eventually !

So back to Friday, met Jason and James on Friday and went to the Red Square bar for a few - where i met some girl who looked like Holly Valance but danced like a complete moron - she coaxed me into winding her up for ages - but somehow and GOD knows why, I felt like a prick so headed off into Croydon central - leaving her grabbing her coat chasing after me - i actually fancied her mate who wasnt all that but then she had a brain and was funny - She asked why James danced like Puff Daddy or pimp asswip whatever his name is.... that was very funny as he does dance like hes black - so . . .

Went on off to Bar Latino - what a no-no ! chaps were trying to slide in on the guestlist without being on it ! "yea thats me er er Stuart Templeman - yer thats me " " Sorry mate thats Stuart Taman - its obviously not you is it - now piss off" By this time i was heading in the direction of Yates - Kev wasnt in there - So left in a hurry and wandered off to Walkabout - Queued for 10 mins paid my fiver !! JESUS and got in - Called LP up - she luckily saved my life and came down with a tasty mate - had a laugh for a bit - This morning i learnt that the first thing i said was "Hey now thats what i call a skirt" (it was short! apparently very short) - left at 1.30 and as the story earlier on said - died 32 times in my sleep.

No more Drinking during weekdays

Yes you heard me - Ive had enough - my heads suffering and im losing the fucking plot 24/7 - ive lost all my confidence and i dont feel the normal "full of it" Simon anymore - Just look at me on Friday - A girl was up for giving me the full monty and i ran off like a girl - Yes i am ready to get right back on it - Yes ive had enough time - but for some reason im behaving like Dale Winton - and im clearly not fucking gay so sort it ! - No more bloody weed either - thats the first road to paranoia - I remember why i gave it the fuck up years ago now !!! So Simon YES YOU writing this blog - sort it - dont be sidetracked - give it up !

Ok so lets see how i get on ...... wish me luck !

(update 21/03/05 ~ 04.27pm ~ failed on 1st day going for a beer with Clare and Katie after work..... jesus !)

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