Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pet hates list . . .

Pet hates list . . .

Now in good old English fashion i was on my Easter break and thought of a few very very relevant pet hates which by all accounts are every day things that are just plain bloody annoying and serve no purpose other then to piss me and every other normal person off - Now since my memory (which was once excellent) is getting worse day by day im keeping a list on my PC - but i thought i'd start off my week asking you crazy guys to help me -

  • So what pisses you off more then anything else ?

Click comments and feel free to add anything you like . No censorship - just go for it . Once i have a list of 10 or so - and im thinking on my feet today then i'll publish them . They will i think, definately open your eyes to our crazy crazy world !

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