Tuesday, March 22, 2005

News from the front line

News from the front line.

News just in - Gav's cats died - Now Gav's not known for being a pussy but we are all holding a minutes silence today in honour of the cat - Gav on the other hand has taken the day off - I hope hes feline ok . . hehe

What a night at QC last night huh ! jesus - talk about hectic - got to sleep around bloody 2am after scrapping verbally with MH all night about a small shiny disc . . . Just as well SS realises how important it is to get that disc - She's going to Niloushas on the weekend - I dont see how it could be there but im crossing my fingers it is - Ive honoured MH with a new disc if i cant get the old one - A copy mind !

Back to the cat - Meoooooooow - dead funny - i wonder if there are any dead cat cartoons out there ? mmmm back in a min - update - no there are not - shame - anybody find one for me let me know ......

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