Friday, March 11, 2005

Need time to breathe!

Need time to breathe dammit !

Jesus what a morning so far - had to take 5 mins out just to sit and take in what's going on - seems my desk is covered in damned paperwork from all last week - been a tad lazy and putting it to one side ! eeek - not doing that again ... So anyway saw my Dad last night went to the Redrooms in Chipstead for dinner - was very nice - had chicken and mushroom stilto pie with new potatoes and peas - awesome - 2 x kronenbourg 1664's and went home - was knackered -

Its national RND05 (red nose day) we are all in mufty to celebrate donating a few quid to a worthy cause - been watching celeb fame acedemy ? if Kim Medcalf wins im going to eat my bed-sheets ! You can quote me on that as well .... i despise her frog like features - just in case your from anywhere BUT the UK heres what i mean - I'll be back later to post more shite --- hang in there monkee's !

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