Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nearly but not quite !

Nearly but not quite !

Well i nearly went a day without a blog - hmm scary - maybe the need to share my innermost dankst thoughts doesnt turn me on anymore - maybe seeing my webcounter shoot up 100 a day doesnt make me happy either ... I dont know -

My life is becoming quite dull - I'm not keen on finding a girlfriend and im not keen on going out anymore - kinda odd because am i not turning into the person Anouska wanted me to be a year ago ! fuck me yes ...

So - with that in mind im off home to get beer and fags and play Mercenaries until my eyes bleed - Yes world im a boring boring boring person and definately need to get out more - Maybe i will soon....

Until then - heres a lovely picture of a fox .... He looks how i feel - actually the more i look at the fox and his slightly offish eyes, muttering undertones of devilishness, its EXACTLY how i feel .... mm got to get myself a date for Saturday night when i go to "Blue Hawaii" in Kingston - jeees

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