Monday, March 14, 2005

Morning World

Morning world

Weekend over thank god - one of those weekends that id like to forget - Saw Mo on friday nite and collected me new specs - wicked by the way ! - met Steve over at the Treehouse and then played some golf until thoroughly bored ! - Went off to see Aaron and co. up at annes and played the worst old skool set i think i ever ever have - In fact YES it was the worst - just couldnt be arsed to make an effort ! so anyway stayed there until 4am after chatting absolute cack until Sarah got bored of deciphering my rubbish - Anne chucked me out - ! hehehe

Saturday - got up went to pub - 3 pints and then off to Croydon - bought Mercenaries - awesome - Blow it up - blow it up some more - then blow it up again - was addicted to that all Saturday night - saw steve again and MA and Maxfield for a quick pint in the Hogs and back home

Sunday consisted of food - rest - T4 and more rest - Got up and watched SuperVolcano on BBC1 the rest of it is tonight at 9pm - but i'll probably miss it due to me being hooked on Mercenaries - SS called mid-afternoon! - she is useless - i said id be busy all day on Sunday but to ring me Saturday so i could help choose specs - what does she do - calls me on Sunday - she's nuts - im avoiding her now - clearly i really dont need any more weirdos in my life and she is odd - or just stupid - i cant decide which - im pretty pissed at her actually - i called on friday night to tell her id stumped up the cash for her specs and then she blows it out ! not doing this spaz a favour she deserves to pay full whack - her rich fella can anyway !

so see what i mean - a weekend to forget - maybe next week will be more eventful . feeling knackered - must be all that class A - jeez

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