Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mondays child is full of glee

Early night basically after sorting out the "office" for MH - nothing to report at all - even shunned the 6 beers i bought for myself - At least i'll have 4 when i get home to drink - im more in the frame of mind tonight ......

I won the watch on ebay - Yessss !!! cant wait to get it .... £600 RRP ! and im not telling you what i got it for - like the advert says - A BARGAIN - still it'll probably fall apart after 3 minutes - 5 year warranty on it though - and the distributor is in Mitcham so no big deal -

click for massive picture

Still waiting on that email from Tring - hmmm - actually im going to fire off some more - it's gotta be the way forward isnt it - well i shall see - DM's getting in contact with SS re a job - well its not her that can help its bexycola - again i wonder if he gets any help - i give up on that front - hmm twas funny - she kept ringing me for help - yet when i ask - i get ...... nothing ...... selfish people get one thing in life - and whatever it is i have no idea ! Maybe i should be more selfish - na bollocks it just wouldnt be me.

On a different note ~ i expected a bit of some piss taking at work about me ***** but this is just bloody hilarious - mind you some people are very considerate - and actually i think i need to take a leaf out of those people who took the piss's books ! You know its all good fun being nice and doing good - but hey its damn good fun being an arogant fuck as well - wonder if i can pull it off for a few days .... heheh watch out world ...

So again i have no funny stories - i have no funny anything at the mo - it's strange but i think things are looking up sunshine :)

see ya soon monkees

O and to my Yahoo search engine reader " HELLO !" i wish i had a fucking clue who you were - come back soon yea ..

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