Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's been a while but . .

It's been a while but . .

Yes im back from the weekend - Was truly bloody brill - Friday stayed in and had a few beers *cough and played Tiger Woods 2005 untill the maj and beer took hol dof my brain and slam-dunked it behind the sofa in between the old sweaty socks. Woke up early doors Saturday morning with MP3 player still blaring out "The Doves" who by the way are confirmed for V2005 - Now this year i am NOT going to miss it because of 1. stupid girlfriend - "o i dont want to go i'll get all dirty" - FUCK OFF or 2. I take too long to get the weekend camping ticket. Last time i went was V2000 and that was excellent - since then ive been watching from my sofa... bleugh

Ok so Saturday .... hmm well an odd day kinda - started off in the jewellers getting said watch i bought sorted (strap too big) cost me £6 - then off to The Swan and Sugar loaf for 1pm Guiness and catch up with the footy, paper and local loons who frequent said shite pub. No loons only chinese DVD man - "wanna dvd pleeeze" he said - "No" was my answer - "piss off" - the last batch of crap i bought was just that - Crap - So . . . Random called up and i arranged to meet in Croydon - which i did - watched the Rugger - North vs South - Unsurprisingly the North lost - we always do as i remember ! - Random was knackered (like me) and headed off home - I went off to Purley to The Rectory for more Guiness and to meet my glasses dude Mo. Had a chat about glasses and how many pairs i had on order from pals and handed over £25 in advance - i trust him implicitly anyway i got 3 pairs of specs for £30 last year - like i care if he nicks £25 ! he saved me £400! - back home i went - went to bed as completely nackered and also Mothers day was in the morning and i wanted to have some sort of form for me mam !

Mothers Day - woooo . .. got up and got cab - got to Mums - felt like home - hadnt been there for a long time and she's been dead busy renovating the place - I love my old house - its sooo cosy - shes ripped out the fireplaces and put in real fire with York stone and bare bricks - Its so nice- Had steak and kidney lunch - homemade ! YUM - We were going out but sensibly mummy made dinner coz its so busy on Mums day isnt it - Anyway got my xmas pressie - as i was awol at xmas thanks to SS then - nice fleecy cosy jumpy - and got a jade lucky wealth string for my phone and a really nice Jade bracelet .. its a bit girly but hey so fucking what !

So overall a top weekend - really enjoyed seeing my Mum - she looked so cool - amazingly shes wearing Caterpillars and combats ! heheh - must get the foto from Robin to proove it !

Anyway - that was that ! made a new friend today - see blogroll to see who (last entry) she helped me sort the transparency out for firefox users .... coolio !

TTFN monkees see you all soon

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