Thursday, March 24, 2005

The facial - Is it a man thing?

The facial - Is it a man thing?

Here i pose the question - I had reservations yesterday regarding any sort of health and beauty practice being done on me - but - hey ive changed my mind - Why shouldnt i pop down to my local salon and get a pedicure done ? Why cant i ask a nice pretty young lady to give me a facial (hehe) - and why not get my hairy fat caterpillar eyebrows waxed to a sensible level huh ? WHY !

My only problem is taking myself off to have an hours worth of massage, cleansing and exfoliating (yep i learnt something too!) steaming and more massge by a bloke - no way - id walk out . . So anyway get yourself booked up down the local Beauty Salon and ask for a facial - Make sure Quentin doesnt work there or Rupert or anyone called Deke . . . (only joking mate!)

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