Monday, February 14, 2005

Yup it's today !

Valentines day - I wasnt so bothered for the first time EVER that i didnt have a girl this year - But now its like 16.54 and everyone at work is getting there pressies out and talking about what THEY are doing - Some of 'em seem so actually in love - Like i was i suppose - i must remember to take in these times - now that im single - so that when i have a gilr and i want out coz shes driving me nuts - i can remember how bad it is to be "birdless"

Is it such a problem ? MH and Zoe are going out later to a Seafood bar somewhere which is fine - But hey guess what - i get to spend all evening on my own - in front of my Telly watching a dvd and / or playing my new game i got delivered today - So is life that crap ? JO showed me a piccy of his new bird - She seems - (it was blurred) very very nice - Shame that i blew them out on Saturday - Im sure she has some fine friends - Yes imagine if my pals were all drop out mingers ? And i had no one to latch onto to get a bird from - OUUUCH - Well hardly but sharing the company of such woman as T and Vicky on friday was nice - Kinda reqrding in a 3rd person miles away sort of way - *cough - and where did Vicky go ? Back with Jase i imagine .....

So today was a massive struggle - My body complained all day of massive abuse - My head was dieing and my lungs spluttered ALL day - Not a weekend to be proud of - My pops called today as well seing if i was still up for linking - Said no as i knew i was mullered again from the weekend - SHIT news just in. . .

Ive been collared on the Valentines card ! Yes she found out by asking KT who it was that went to Moonpig ! Bollocks - Id hope she'd never find out - i was feeling pretty silly after sending it anyway - But hey at least it wasnt a waste ! (im feeling very silly now) As shes engaged and obvouisly dead happy with fella - hmm ok - time to feel very very red and dissapear into the background - o its flattering isnt it !

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