Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wonderful night on my own . .

Well it was - sort of - Watched National Treasure - which actually was damned good - Went to the local chinese got myself some Special fried rice with chicken and some yummee Chicken Satay on skewers - (as a little Valentines pressie for myself) - sat down saw Emmerdale and put film on - Like i said it was pretty good - 8.5/10 - Cage as usual was cool - and Sean Bean was always a great baddie - and in this film he looks BAaaad - whoever the girly in it was she was lovely - I'll look her up in a bit ..... hmmm Diane Kruger (never heard of her) but heres her photo (click for full shes mmm tasty)
So anyway after that watch some other crap - it was so crap i cant remember it - Zoe and MH had a valentines bath together i think ..... so instead of washing my teeth i went and hid in my bedroom (wasnt going to go down well if i barged in would it ) so off to bed i went - Watched the 2 opening "joeys" on five - which were .... well ok ... sent a text wishing someone happy Valentines - Needless to say i was ignored - Actually i am the unluckiest man alive this Feb 14th - Sent 2 cards both of which i shouldnt have and sent a text that was ignored - probably busy with the latest "ive never met anyone like you before" . . . And i know im right . . . Why on earth do i do it ?

Sort it out Simon - I mean your a really nice bloke who's good willed and general an all round good egg - and for some reason - just occasionally - i look back on my past and try to rake some of it back into the present - I dont ask for much - In fact nothing from anyone - I cant remember the last time someone did something for me - made me feel - dammit LOVED !

Seems at the moment im destined for a cozy life of me, me and some more me - Guess i'll get to know ME better - Maybe even i might like me a bit more - I never fell out with me - but it seems everyone else did - Maybe its time to move on - Make a "Joey" find another town - another "inner circle" seems the one i have isnt as good for me as i'd hoped - Altho i feel cozy its not making me happy - I feel dead alone - If i'm gonna feel alone at least do it so i make new friends - meet new people - At the mo my life isnt evolving - its just circling - O god see - it's the reason why i fall in love and i trust all myself to that person - My life is shite - I used to have sooo many different friends - Friends who called me up and asked me out to play - You know " hey Sy what ya doing tonight - come for a beer - come a mix - come and watch this film" - What does my life have now - An endless supply of emptiness on someone elses couch watching pirate films and feeling well - like im interupting their lives.....

Time to make some life changing moves - Today im starting with *rolls the dice .............

You'll have to wait for that .

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