Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Who'll be my valentine ?

Just had a thought - and it hurt my head - apparently it's Valentines Day again on Monday - O god - well it is a blessing that i am single this year (for the first time in 16 years!) and dont have to go and spend oodles of cash on just one night making ya woman feel special - Last year was with the lovely Anouska - (second piccy here) damn i do miss her - I fucked that up big time - although i was so unhappy in the relationship - we lived 20 miles from eachother and she was a lot younger - She loved me to peices and gave me 100 trillion chances to show that i was a real man and worth settling down with - Shame - I think of her every day still - She doesnt - i dont blame her - i did the same thing to her that i did to SS - I let the dogs off the leash and said stuff i regret - stuff i didnt even mean . . stuff that wasnt even true even ! (what a twot)

So this year I have a secret valentine - Im really excited (silly i know!) - She has no idea i fancy her - I have an inkling that she may like me - wont go into why i think that - it's my intuition - So anyway im off to Moonpig to get my secret card done .... shall i put a secret name only she would know ? - Im not sure i should - She is, by the way, taken - and on top of that i think she is happy with the bloke although i have NEVER heard her say a word about him - Hmmmm

So all you relationship monkees out there best get spending on that nice meal or flowers and chocs and jewelry etc etc - Im spending £3.50 on a card !

Muhahha ha haha hahaha

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