Thursday, February 24, 2005

Weirdest text - EVER

Rowena's acting a little weird - In fact very weirdly - but somehow i dont bloody blame her - I woke up in her sisters bed for gods sake ! Jesus - So anyway 10.54 pm two night ago i got this text from her

"Life a funny thing snowing like this weather"

What the fuck are you on ? Help is needed to decipher this girls text - ! needless to say i havent replied - Too weird

Feel like dogpants this morning been at it all week - bit too much - Had a meeting this morning re sorting email mailer thing - Was good - money well spent in my book - except i felt like a gibbering wreck all morning - not a nice sight - ! - trying to get some work done this afternoon - sleep is all i want - Will stay in bed all night watch TV - zzz

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