Monday, February 07, 2005

A weekend to remember (i think!)

Boy o boy - today i am feeling a bit spangled - For you monkees that dont understand that means wasted ... Friday night started off with a few pints in the Gypo followed with a couple of bottles of stella with my good pal monkee Randon - Picked up some stuff and went off home where i stayed up all night playing bloody Links - 6am in the morn i decided i was dieing to sleep (but couldnt) so i went for a walk around my block - bought some fags and went home where i carried on like a fool !

Saturday was supposed to be in Brighton on the "quarterly club" but guess what - coz i was so tired i blew it out - 4pm sat woke up and felt like dogshite - the elec had tripped off due to the pikeys upstairs AGAIN ! went up there and broke into the flat with MH and turned the stop cock off as hard as i could - with a view to them not being strong enough to turn on again (I HOPE!)

So anyway went off to Bar R for a pint whilst the water dried off - went home after 2 pints and seeing Wales win over England - and found it wasnt dry enough to turn on again - So got my shit together and asked random if i could get ready there - which i did - slept for an hour at his and went to tracy's to get cab up town !

Met Sarah, Tracy and Paula (lovely) and got the 5 man cab up to Tower Bridge where Copyright was - It was a night hosted by "Show" - The rumour was that we were going to go on to Absolution after and then Sundazed ! i was bloody dreading that but as it happened we didint - Anyway top top night - Paula is an absolute scream ! she looked after me a little in there as i was a little messed up from the night before - Bumped into Ella strangley ! she said "what the hell are you doing in here" i replied "what the fuck are you in here for" and talked for a bit - shes split with her beating boyfriend thankfully ! Quite funny i asked her out months ago when i was last single - never transpired !

So anyway - was a top night and we went back to tracys for more of Friday nights shennanigens - Felt whacked out - Paula was funny - she had only had 2 drinks and 2 lines and was off her face - Walked home and got some beer on the way - Landlord was due round at 11am so i had to go out - So anyway at 10.30am he got there early and i had to jump out of matts room window - was fucking funny actually - walked round Croydon and eventually went back half hour later - got bored and called ST - she picked me up from Mitcham Junction and went back to hers - Met Reece - whos a good laugh and well sweet ! - Mett some weird fella called Matt while she was at her mums getting dinner ! Hed just spent 3 month in a mental home --- needless to say he wasnt prepared for me after i called him a fruitcake after he had told me a weird story - Maybe i shouldnt have but hey - i talk the truth and thats that - He needs a job and then he will be fine i am sure !

So this morning i woke up at 3am on ST's couch ! covered in a duvet - got cab to work and here i am - great weekend

i'll be in a better mood tomoirrow so catch you then u fools !

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