Thursday, February 17, 2005

Was not well - did you miss me ?

Guess not - no fucker ever misses me - apart from when im off work of course and then i get 40 odd calls from customers and work - Jesus !

Cant remember the last time my phone rang from a friend - No really i cant - is that a good or bad thing - i mean i remember when i was 26ish my poor old mercury never stopped bloody ringing - i even gave up the mobile and went to a pager coz it was that bad - but hey im 32 and i have seemed to have lost that all important "whatever it is" that makes us popular ... sod it

Feeling a little better today - not coughing anymore and my poor tummys got back to normal - ie its not grumbling at me constantly anymore - been suffering since 20th December - however ive lost the best part of 2 stone - which in my book is awesome - even if it means i need more vitamins and should be eating vegetables - ew

So - just closed 2 deals - my target is looking massively acheivable again if i can just knuckle down and do those calls - Need to speak to Rowena about Friday - All good - May go and see JO and his missus on Saturday - Or actually i may not - May go to BarRhumba again. We'll see ..

Have a good one monkees and MH GET THOSE DEALS FELLA !!!! 40% remember ! (u prick)


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