Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Strange search terms (via my webcounter)

It's quite intriguing to see what my fellow internet enthusiasts type into google - I took a leaf out of Skinmeisters blog and decided to list some great search terms that got people to my blog - so here they are !

1. What is a bastard ? (well that refers to a previous entry and incorporates a piccy - Q funny !)

2. Women pulls off mans testicle ! ( again refers to an earlier post about some loon who tied her ex to a fence a whipped his bollock off)

3. Welsh bastard boyfriends (why on earth ! i mean why the Welsh ? are they all bastards ?)

4. Spelling-Taboot (yes you got it right ! i think hehe)

5. tales of the unexpected tab free (whats the tab free all about huh ? answers on a postcard please)

So thats it im afraid - i'll list more if they come in good !

for now - ciao monkees

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