Friday, February 04, 2005

Reason why i have a love hate relationship with the BBC

Normally i love my little bbc news ticker at the bottom of my screen but this morning after last nights tank of beer im feeling a little queezy after reading 2 halfway interesting snippets of news.

The first being "Mermaid girl to have legs split " Not really the nicest headline and it drums up all sorts of tangents in my head so naturally i click and read - Now this story is bloody amazing - A girl in Peru was born with the "mermaid or sirenomelia" syndrome meaning her legs , when born, are glued together by skin - She going into an operation soon to split the legs and thus be able to walk and not swim like a dolphin (shame really) see picture its kinda oddly fascinating.

The second being that "Alchohol is as harmful as Smoking" What the fuck - so when you go to the pub have a beer and some fags your basically killing yourself quicker then you would be just having a fag or a beer on its own ? So.... Can one increase the speed of your death that easily? - Now this impresses me because where there is YING there is YANG - so somehow you can prolong your life just as quickly - But is this giving up ? or something else - Answers on a postcard please monkee's - And while your there tell me why all the things in life that incorporate having fun are bloody bad for you - Such as Smoking, Alchohol, Drugs, Speeding, Women and Porn - Great and lets list things that are good for you and when you read them ask yourself "Do you like any of them" ok here goes Jogging, Cabbage, Cod liver oil, Going to bed early, Alan Titchmarsh ........... see my point exactly - have fun die young . . .

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