Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New TV ordered

Yep - got bored of my old 28" freeview Sony so i went and got an upgrade - have to wait 10 days for delivery as they are clean out of stock but that doesnt bother me really - gives me something to look forward to later in the month - Its a 32" up to date version of my old one - Why ive gone for a bigger telly i dont know but hey im a gamer so it will only give me greater game depth and clarity - i was going to go for the home cinema extra package at £20 a month extra but since my neighbour upstairs has ears like an elephant i thought id pass on that - so here is the beast in all its glory :)

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  1. HI - I can assure you of plenty of TV loveliness from that model (I have one also and it fucking rocks for PS2 games)...
    Actually have just ordered an import PSP which will be making me happy on my commute into London each day very shortly...
    Nice blog - check mine if you fancy: