Thursday, February 10, 2005

I thought Charles was gay (isn't he?)

Im confused - All rthe papers, pundits, comedians and general TV people (in the UK) all speculate with reason that our future King Charles, father of William and Harry, ex-husband to the late Queen of Hearts, is as gay as Graham Norton. (and he is fucking queer as fuck)

Now - there have been numerous ex-butlers and servants, clothiers, suiters and bumlords that have come "out of the closet" (no pun intended) and given the papers (the tabloids) the lowdown on our future King. For whatever reason they have speculated for years that he is as camp as a sheet with pegs and a pole otherwise known as a "tent"

hmmm...... ok so this morning after watching England draw with Holland 0-0 (fucking hell how boring) My BBC ticker news reader that i suggest you all get immediately - told me that Charles is to marry Camilla ...... WHAT ! I mean thats not right ~ or is it ?

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