Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Haha - mystery girl turns up on DSI . .

Yea - weird one this - I was downstairs in Infinity and this lady on the left started talking to me - Very nice she was as well - Got on like a house on fire but her fella - As pictured turned up and stood about dancin' - Now as i was a little flea'd up i cant't remember tooooo much - but it went like this - "hello whats ur name" (her) - "Simon nice to meet you" (me of course) " Well you seem nice what are you doing later" "going home i think" (i replied) - "want to come back to mine?" (i gasped) "really - yea thats seems cool" - Started random chatting and then her fella turned up - I dunno - call it black Feb or something !


  1. Well - i have no idea if i dreamt it or it happened but now i saw the photo a conversation did exist !