Monday, February 21, 2005

Friday nights blind-meet !

I hadnt felt so nervous - not for a long time - I was travelling to Wimbledon to meet Rowena - the tram was packed and i was almost terrified about what i was doing - This is the strange bit - not so long ago and i mean a few years - i loved doing shit like this - but since Xmas my mojo beens strangley none existant - i dont feel the same - i have very little self beleif nowerdays - I used to oooze self-confidence - hence the many beautiful ladies that have travelled in and out my life - only to carry on their journey - and mostly get married to the next fella - OUCH ;(

So back to the tram - I was shaking a little - but also a little excited - Was she going to be ugly and fat - or coloured or actually a high pitched voiced bloke - I had no idea - My engineer that delivered the copier (she's a customer you see!) gave me no incling what she was like ! Even when i asked "would ya?" He said No ! - So you see i had visions of her being a minger....

At the station - she called - "Are you there yet!" -- "yes im at the top of platform 4/5 - im waiting for you " - "i'll be a few minutes she said" - So again i started worrying - in my mind i refused to beleive that she was fugly - (fucking ugly) and actually i didnt care - altho it may read that i do - i couldnt of cared less - Rowena earlier in the week had asked wtf was going on with SS since i hadnt seen her that weekend - as she had asked how she was - "we broke up before xmas" i told her - hence she was dumbfounded by the 2 min story on what transpired over last xmas - Bless her! Rowena said - "you have to come out and meet me and my pals up town - i'll send you the email" She did and hence i was meeting her. . .

So - the tension was growing - lots of people were walking pass me as i stood there like a plum waiting for the inevitable "watcha" -

1 minute passed ~ and then 2 minutes passed ~ the longest and scariest 2 mins of my life this year !

"Hello" said a voice i recognised (husky and with a tint of Aussie) Arms flailing out asking for a massive cuddle - It was her - She was gorgeous - 5"5 with short redish hair wearing a fluffy dark hooded long jacket black slacks and the standard girly pixie toed high heel boots - I was happy... Thank god !

Long long story short - We had a laugh getting there - walked down Oxford Street the wrong bloody way for 20 mins and then the right way for half an hour - Got to the Loopbar - Met all her friends and sisters - boyfriends etc etc - and chatted away to some bloke called James and Anthony for hours while Rowena flitted about - She can talk - never have i met someone who talks soo much ! quite brilliant ! So the dancefloor opens and thats all history - met some amazing chick wearing frankly the most beautiful clothes ive ever seen ! needless to say i wasnt getting her number !

So - end of the night - RD insisted i go back to their house and carry on "the party" whcih we did - I wanted to get a cab - after all i wasnt sitting easily with her boyfriend being there - and i know what im like after a few beers - ! i wanted out - Insisted again that i stayed in the spare room - I did - BUT and listen to this for weirdness ! I woke up in her sisters bed ! YEP her sisters bed - I must have gone to the loo at some point in the night - and sleptwalked to her bed - needless to say i got my clothes and headed off to the bus-stop - Extremely embarrassed - I obviously sent a text to her - telling her about the pho-pas - Didnt get one back

1 fun evening - 1 lost customer and not a hope of seeing her again i imagine

Great .....

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