Wednesday, February 23, 2005

An actual customer complaint !

This is the sort of call i get from my damned customers - Imagine this and if you can put on an old womans voice whilst reading aloud

"Hello is Simon there pleeese" - "yes thats me how can i help you" - "my printer seems to have broken can you come and repair it please i have a church newsletter i need to print for this weeks get together" ----deep breate and a pause and i replied --- " Yes ok madam but before i do that can i ask you take the toner out of the machine - shake it and replace - You may find its only a toner problem" - "ok Simon i'll do that - hold on one minute"

2 minutes pass and an almighty scream is heard from my phone

"Simon - i need your help theres a mouse in my printer" - "*im laughing - no seriously Madam there cannot be a mouse in your printer they are a very hot place to be and it wouldnt last 1 minute" --- The old lady then paused and explained that she could proove it with a photo......

I couldnt beleive what she managed to email me - Tell me if you find this fooking hilarious!

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