Monday, January 10, 2005

Yay good news at last . . .

See it didnt take long did it - DM or Random as he can be called here; called today to give me news - Gigging in Mayfair at the begin of Feb at some club - forgotten the name - 11th to be exact - can't wait ! i'll be paid - head strong and ready to party again.

Then a gig later in Febuary which is unclear at the moment but again promises to kick ass - Thank god i do have a life to look forward to .... Band practice with "The Flaming Rizla's" or whatever we are called (jeeez) tonight -(no cant be right it was the Flaming Moe on the Simpsons wasnt it !) altho MH said that i may not need to pop down as he wants to work with Susie on the drums - So depending on whether or not i go for a cheeky pint with TW this evening or not is whether i get my ass down there - altho i should MH kinda made me feel i should'nt and o yea the other night he verballed me about being in the band full stop - im guessing he's weighing up whether im up for it or not - which i SO am - but - o i dont know ......

Anyway Monkee's im off ... had a good good day today - Sold a copier to the ***** Embassy (starred out or it will google me like last time) and i have some good leads from todays graft . well done mate im proud of ya

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