Friday, January 28, 2005

The week at a glance - phew

One mother fokker of a week - end of jan and still have some cash in my pocket ! do you know its been 7 weeks since payday ! YES 7 weeks - why o why couldnt my co. pay us today and not monday - but i suppose thats ok - another 2 days really doesnt hurt - with work in mind im £12 short of hitting target and the difference in backpocket pay is £650 ! (ouch) finger out on Monday to drag some bsuiness from somewhere.

Weekends looking a little bleak - ST's taking me out tomorrow - off to Bugatti's i think then onto wherever - hmmm - Sunday will be a day of rest and reflection - February is looking to be awesome - loads going on in the social calendar - which reminded me - i dug out my old diary from last year - read some entries from when i met SS - it was a quick and whirlwind romance and i counted 2 weeks before she said she loved me - I wonder ............. Has she said that to someone else yet ? - do i care ... Yes ... shame really - my diary read very well - i was so chuffed to have met someone so sweet (well at least i thought she was) Now i just see her as a taker - someone destined to be treated as a trophy bird - I hope not - as much as i dont like her anymore and dont have any time i wouldnt wish hurt or pain on her - mind you i dont wish her happiness either - anyone who cant give a reason for dumping 4 days before xmas then doesnt give a card and rings on NYE says she loves me and misses me and then ................. o im bored of that .,....

Right so GR is off to pastures new - we all signed a card - he sent the funniest leaving email - basically saying that "i think you need help" to the rest of his team - nice one !

NH looking awesome - im feelin something there - shame its taken - hmm - off to see RD in the week - my first blind date in ages - they are normally pretty cool

right im off

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