Monday, January 31, 2005

Two days that felt like ten . . .

Im a bit under the weather today people im afraid - I went out late Friday night to meet DM and it was a little chilly and i think i must have managed to forget to wrap up damn warm because on Sat morning i woke up shivering and feeling like i had a dose of flu - not bloody nice at all - needless to say MH and Zoe were looking after Ben so i stayed in my pit and watched footy - ST called to take me out but i had to cancel - think she was a little miffed - wondering if she may have the message now - Im really not up for any sort of relationship - even a friendly one (with a girl) i just dont trust the species right now. So anyway didnt eat just drank fluids until sunday morning when i felt twice as bad - MH gave me a couple of 60mg coedines - that was it - knocked my flu right off my bones - took a couple more 30mg co-codamols whilst watchin "Once upon a time in America" and i felt just fine.

So payday today - lots to sort - If SS doesnt send my chain this week im really not sure what i should do - Is she really that USELESS that she cant put something in the post - Its bad enough that her own colleagues think shes useless (yes - its been said thru the grapevine as my co. supply hers !) But now im thinking she is too - as said before she can never order food and get it right ! (o that always made me laugh)

So - its just a chain is it ? - NO - Hanna gave it to me - A friend of 13 years - and it has great value to me so i want it back - Anyway im guessing i'll have to call her sometime this week again ! - dreading it !

happy flu monkees - i need a cuddle

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