Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pubs fighting cocaine users ! no way !

It has been reported that landlords are using WD-40 against the use of cocaine in pub toilets _ now this strikes me as stupid and also very shortsighted for 2 reasons - Firstly - ploys to halt coke sniffing in bogs has been around for a long time - slanted cisterns or cisterns that are tucked away behind a wall - taking the toilet seat cover off as well - and how about leaving the toilets so dirty that you wouldnt even shit on the floor let alone cut your charlie and sniff it .....

So anyway these idiot landlords have decided to spray WD-40 on the cisterns - mmm - any bright coke sniffer would check the playing field of your cutting area before emptying £££ worth of white powder down - would'nt you .... you'd check the surface with your eyes and finger first - surely - and then if there was a film of oil or grime or whatever then you would wipe it clean with bog roll ... and then what are the cocks going to do ?

Or how about using a coke bullet to sniff your stuff ?

I rest my case m'lord - landlords take note as well - coke sniffers buy more drinks then drunks and normally are well behaved and full of life and generally up-beat - shouldnt you be encouraging "good behaviour" ?

mmm maybe not

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