Thursday, January 13, 2005

Plans for the summer

T'was good to catch up with AC and the gang - plans are afoot to have a massive outdoor rave in Wiltshire somewhere - Eve who i met on New Years eve is arranging for the back end of an articulated truck to be parked in the middle of a field and AC has to organise a 20k watt amp and PA system - Joe bless him wants to order 10,000 cans of stella to sell - was trying to explain that was a bit (well a lot) over the top and 1000 people would not polish off 10 cans each - he was adamant that they would - i left it with MB to sort him out ! - So anyway we met at the local cheap beer establishment and as usual half way thru the night ended back at A's house knocking out loud thumping beats until 12... great !

AC's knocking another plan together about going to Naples as a group in the summer - Fucking awesome plan ! 9 of us with 2 of them Italians plan to hit the shores around 1st 2nd week of August - i promised to look into Easyjet prices - bit of a pipe dream at the moment but AC does have a knack of making things so - all good :)

Met someone quite interesting last night as well - although im not making the same mistake as i did with SS - She seems nice and thats it - there may be a mutual spark - you know me i read into shit .. she dresses nice - and english which is good and not far off my age which makes a change as well - SS was too young bless her - I forget - I wouldnt have wanted to settle down at 25 why on earth would she - Joe had his own view on stuff - He reckons she shit herself - and couldnt handle the commitment - well im guessing he's right after all the only excuse SS gave me was that "it wasnt the right time" .... we agreed that she had the bollocks to dump me 4 days before christmas and because of that we should respect her .......................... makes sense i suppose - i'll see what my battered self esteem and trampled heart has to say on the matter and then let you all know.

So anyway back home and spent 30 mins with MH listening to last weeks jam at the studio - sounded really good - i was impressed - no really it was ! so chatted rubbish for a while - i cant really remember and then bed....

So anyway keeping on the straight and narrow again today - funds are starting to bite - but thankfully i have a steady income from DC's stuff that im selling... awesome

Have a good day monkee dudes !

O and Maxfield - nice comment! - but thats just not gonna get things sorted i cant just dump the shit outside - its personal bits and some jewellery so not suitable for binning or dumping - I'll just wait for that call . . . tick tock tick tock ti.. to.. ..... .....

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