Thursday, January 13, 2005

O harry what have you done NOW !

3rd in line to the throne Prince Harry - has again put his foot in his mouth and gone as a nazi to a colonial themed fancy dress ball - His brother William went as a lion .... Now methinks this sounds a little odd - Didnt the brothers discuss what they were wearing BEFORE the party - For gods sake - i think they should have - Here's how the conversation could have gone

H - William old chap what are you wearing ?

W - Im going as a lion old bean

H - A lion - thats gay.. think of something better you fool

W - I beg your pardon brother so what are you wearing then smarty pants ?

H - A nazi

W - Jesus christ younger brother - what will the subjects think

H - Fuck 'em - I dont care

W - Fine ~ See you there . .

Chaps your verging on the insane - sort it before one of your loyal subjects gets the hump and trys it on with one of your security guards !

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