Monday, January 17, 2005

O dear ..... I am a twot

Yes - Saturday i did the inevitable, and called SS abused her verbally and sent her stuff in a cab to CP - All gone - A resulting "dont ever call me again" text message was warranted im afraid - and now just maybe my head can relax in the knowledge i dont EVER have to see that girl again - I put all my eggs in her basket thinking that just because she was kind considerate and a whole lot more compatible then Anouska - that i should trust her with my life - O god how i was wrong - It will now make trusting anyone a lot lot harder - I dont expect to be back on the scene for some time - like i said before and like a certain person said to me "its all about you now matey" getting my life and all the bits and peices i need - Sorted

So Mondays here another week of hard graft ahead - and the prospect of feeling good within myself aint far off - Just hope the wrangles internally sort themselves out.

Chin up wanker ! - forget SS - she wasnt worth it ... someone is - and one day ~ maybe one day she'll turn up - dont go looking .... O i'll shut up now - TAXI ! ! ! ! !

The pics from Friday night are at home - cant post till tomorrow - sorry !

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