Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Nothing to see here . .

Un-eventful night - MH washed up i dried up - eat a massive bowl of mash and beans with butter and did some washing - watched celeb big bro for a bit - got sidetracked on the other side - and went to sleep early doors - Woke up - washed - eat and walked to work - made tea - GB's off ill - Maxfields off ill - and so'd GS - whatever is going round you can keep it - i dont want it !

No more bids on Korg yet - sitting pretty at £275 - i might actually throw myself out the window in a minute - Need young NH to massage my back again - im in such pain - Had a look at crown prices on net - not as scary as i thought - about £250 a peice and i need them desperately - i want my smile back - besides its not nice to look at - why didnt i get them done 6 years ago ! o well - now is the time rj !

off to catch some monkees

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