Monday, January 17, 2005

Nice one - Lay 2 of my mates off why dont ya !

Today saw - DM and AC get laid off from their respective jobs - Yea how freaky is that ! On top of that GR handed his notice in - not that that wasnt expected anyway ! He's been aching to do the off from about 2 years ago - One of those kids that will never EVER be happy in a job - Anyway feeling shit for DM and AC - ones got a mortgage the other a kid - Blimey - made me feel a little stoopid whining on about SS - why did i write that ! seee im a plonker

So anyway off out later to sort a couple of things out - My Korgs gone up to £255 on ebay :) horaaah ! And tomorrow i'll have those pics from Friday published for all to laugh at !

Had an out of the blue dinner invitation from a young lady - Just sorting out the time / place now - Why not huh ! ? i mean makes sense . . see what happens

See you tomorrow monkee's

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