Wednesday, January 12, 2005

KILL spyware for good ! !

Thankfully those nice people at Microsoft (yak) have let us download a lovely spyware killer that seems to work SOOO much better then Adware or Spykiller or any of those other crappy .exe's - It ran for 29 minutes scanning my 8gb full HD and found 57 nasty entries - it then kindly quarantines or removes them - and then resets IE back to full working order - with your choice of homepage and all those lovely settings restored - Only problem is that if you run messenger plus (by Patchio) then it wants to delete it - Now whatever you do - DONT - messenger plus is not high risk and does not hijack your homepage or add bars to your IE.

Another problem is that it only works for IE not for Firefox - although ive yet to be 'adwared' in any way with Firefox - HORAY !

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