Friday, January 14, 2005

It's here ! at last . . .

The weekend is here and im ready to party - EL's party later and im playin - R&B though .... eeee .. never mind it will be fun whatever - Early night last night watched normal trash TV and off to bedski - was tired for a change and my brain wasnt messin with my sleep so dropped off early ! hurrah - im getting there at last..

Put the Korg up on ebay and got a reserve bid already altho i may have to take it down as im thinking the reserve price of £200 is a little tooo low ... looking into that later - realistically i dont really care if i get the £200 i'd be happy to sell - meaning i gotten most of the cash i lost from DC back - and i still have the AKAI and server to rid with buyers on both those bits - all good...

I would go into whats going on at work but since that fella got the boot from waterstones im not going to . .

chow monkee's - cant remember the last time someone coommented on my blog - suppose thats coz i dont Blogexplode anymore - still get 10 odd visitors a day though -

later monkees see you the other side of Sunday

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