Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interesting development !

Went out for a beer quite late (9pm) met up with the BP lot - down the Earl - So anyway got chatting with joe and he's interested in starting up this coffee website with a view to getting his mate to let us do the Jewellry site - explained that basically we need to get the coffee site up and built before we even meet the guy - so as to build some credibility - So sent off the business plan to Joe to get his ideas and we will go from there.... still interesting tho - didnt realise he had tons of the stuff sitting in storage !

Difficult getting up today - didnt get to bed till 1 ish - naughty rj ! tut tut .... No further bids on the Korg but its got 5 days to go yet which is a touch - Got my cash from AC last night feel a little bad as they are all as skint as me too - but it's owed and they are using the equipment so its fair i think...

Right - I may post some random shite later - check the dmcfoto blog later - i took 110 odd fotos Friday night ! bloody hell ! should get back on the DSI spotter thing - seems like a fun way to make friends again doesnt it ! which reminds me must call DM see how he is ... and get that appt sorted ! jesus i hate it so much - have to sort my smile out ....

later monkees

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