Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Half way to the weekend

Nearly there - thank god - off for some beers with a few old pals after work - catch up with whats going on - promised myself i'll be home and in bed by 9pm - No i mean it - I need my sleep - plus i dont wanna be spanked in the morning - did 60+ calls today but 2 of those were 30 odd minutes long so thats ok - Waiting on a big big deal - more or less £1600 gp .. im 90% confident its mine - its new business and if i do it all on the phone its all mine .. muhahaha

So anyway

O before i go some bloke at Waterstones got the boot from work for blogging ! mind you he did slag the company off largestyle and called his boss "evil-boss" (loony) i remember a while ago saying something silly - i since deleted the post - makes no sense slagging people off - unless your names Dan Clark and your a lieing dwarven idiot of course

Peace monkees !

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