Friday, January 07, 2005

First foot forward

I met SS last night for the chat i'd been needing - It went well - i got the answers i was looking for - And i think i also have a friend - hopefully a very good friend - one that doesnt let me down - who helps and supports and who will always be there for me ... Like i would for them - Now there's a rule that i have for my close friends - We can do whatever we want but if the words "I need you" are uttered then you drop everything and be there - Whatever the situation ....

Its not a difficult thing - i see no reason why myself and Sonia cannot be close - There seems to be masses of electricity between us - its amazing - she is such a wonderfully lovable person - i would be a nutter if i didnt stay her friend - Its gonna be hard and it will need strength to make sure emotions dont get in the way - I have my shit to deal with and she has hers - I just wanna be there when she needs someone - And i promised to her i would.

Seems strange that two people who genuinely seem to love eachother cannot be together but from our chat i see it IS the right thing to do - Not just for her although it seemed so selfish before xmas - but for me too ... It gives me space in my head to acheive what i have set out to do this year ... And maybe we can have some fun together too .. I would love that to be the case...

So all in all - im happier - i was miserable - at least i can concentrate -

Thank you SS ..... you have a friend for life .. x

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