Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cool film !

Got home last night after a pretty hectic but rewarding day and crashed on my couch with a cup of tea - MH was out seeing his lad, so all was peaceful. Watched the usual trash TV of the Simpsons then Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Eastenders. MH got back about 8 and no sooner had he arrived then Zoe turned up - It seems they like their own company nowerdays - Dont blame them why sit with a boring sulky shit like me all night - To be honest im in mid-break turmoil anyway - Im still going over and over WHY the fuck it all happened - Even when i get my head down to sleep - now at 12+ ! - I cant get it out of my mind - its all a matter of time i know..

Anyway - I watched King Arthur last night which surprisingly i found really really good - Troy was ok when i saw it last year but in my mind King Arthur had more realism and a better and more beleivable story line - Troy of course was set on a fable - A mythical warrior Archilles - On the other hand King Arthur has some history and is set down in folklore - Merlin wasnt a magician he was a Woad leader in Scotland apparently - He didnt do magic he led the forest dwelling Woads ... Anyway i digress - 8/10 for King Arthur - Loved Kiera Knightly as Gwendeline and Ray Winston as Bors ... written strangely by someone with a Spanish-like name - directed by someone equally foreign - O well i liked it.

Again this morning i was woken by upstairs shagging like it was Armageddon - been about the 10th day running - my body clocks in tune with them now - its crap i wake up just as the bang bang bang bang starts ...(about 6am) Had enough of it - not fair - i wanna make some noise too - why the fuck i didnt wanna make noise before is beyond me - seems the whole worlds battering their mattresses (and missus) every night and morning and theres me worried i might wake MH.... bollocks that will teach me...

Right its nearly 9am meaning its time to kick someones ass on the phone - 80 calls is target today - i did over 80 yesterday but then i was well up for it - must keep the rhythm going - Must get that dentist appt sorted too ..

you know it makes sense Sy...

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