Friday, January 21, 2005

The big food mistake story

Well its not a BIG story but i tell you what - My tummy thinks it's a big bloomin story - Went for a couple of beers after work with DF, JO and DK - got a call from SS re helping her (needless to say i dont really know what she needs help with) and then home - Played Fable for a bit and then got hungry - So heres the story

Went into the kitchen and saw Brown bread - looked at the shelf and saw Baked beans - Put 2 and 2 together and WHAM - one very very VERY farty bottom today - Fell sick as well - Way to much fibre - May have to call in th exterminators to kill the smell in my room ! eeeeew !

Hehehehe anyway that aside - Think today will be a good day - need to close those rogue deals today and finish up on 5k for the month - need 1.5k in 6 days to get my 25% and an extra ££££ in my Feb pay packet....

Salut !

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