Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Byeeee ! !

Guess what ?

I think i'll start new leaf because

SS stole my mojo.....

So - next year i'll start again .... This time a little differently

bye bye for now

Friday, December 17, 2004

Poll result 2

Hmm - another mildly interesting poll result - overall the best comment was "just be yourself write whatever you want" - erm Yes i know - take a look at what i write - anyway im off from today till Jan 4th and the chance of me posting anything from now until then is pretty slim - unless im bored shitless at home - right heres that poll result --- enjoy

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The story of Daniel (proffesional lieing git)

Ok - here it is - the final email from Daniel - (im not telling you his surname for legal reasons) turned up this morning - After forking out nearly £900 quid to store this pricks equipment for 7 months while he worked in the USA - he emailed me saying - grrrr - well read the comment tab below (or click grrrr) if your interested in reading the email as i dont wanna post it here - and if you do - make a comment....

By the way just so you lot know - i got this prick a job at my firm (after he called me asking for some help) - only for him to get the sack coz he lied and said he was going on appointments - but wasnt .... and he also stole a laptop from my old workplace (where i met the prick) He turned up at my house one day asking for a favour - "can you store some bits for me" he said - "yes i suppose" i said - he turned up at 11pm one evening and unloaded a small transit van full of speakers and amps, pc's and keyboards.... When i moved from my flat i had to spend money to store this crap in storage - so theres the background on this creep.

I thought though it would only be fair to post a photo of this dwarven idiot as well ... Dan you have been named and shamed - and here you are in all 5 foot of glory ... wanker

dmc heads

Great piccy of some of the nobs i work with - Felt it would be nice to share it with y'all . . . We are asking staff to come up with a new 'concept' regarding our mailers that we send out - this year it was all about sport and big heads - it has been mentioned that babies should be used - I cant think of a worse idea .... maybe one of you lot could come up with something .... feel free to commenet and let me know ... ta

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Google Suggest

This is dead interesting if your a geek - it's like normal google but throws up suggestions of what you are searching for and how many results it has found - I imagine it's useful to someone out there - but more fun than the normal google - I found this from another blogger - It must have been launched very quietly as i havent seen i before - So anyway heres the linky thing.

Hitmap rules!

Now take a look at this hitmap screen-dump i did just now - Isnt it just mental that all those people accross Britain have seen my little blog .. Even the dude who lives on the top of Scotland - How mad is that - i mean its ferreeeezing up there - get a life and move south mate - The smallest dots is just 1 person and then the largest equals 5+ - good innit - Anyone who doesnt have a hitmap on their blog and is a member of blogexplosion is a cock.... ok

Proof that the Yanks are mad

The first test in almost two years of the planned multi-billion dollar US anti-missile shield has failed.

The Pentagon said an interceptor missile did not take off and was automatically shut down on its launch pad in the central Pacific. A target missile carrying a mock warhead had been fired 16 minutes earlier from Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The Pentagon is spending $10bn a year on the missile system.(how fucking much?) The test had already been delayed by bad weather. (or leaves on the track as us Brits like to use as an excuse for piss poor performance)

Beer count

I have decided to keep tabs from now until the new year when i give beer up - (hahaha) to keep a tab daily of how many beers i consumed the night before whilst playing Fable on xbox. So here we go.

Great - so i'll see you in hell soon i guess - must remember to buy shares in Stella artois hmm

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Talking of Firefox . .

Found a cute little button to annoy those IE lovers (those who still do)

Trying to tell a story

I've now done it twice --- I even was writing a blog to tell you lovely lot what it's like when you use google to add links and pictures and stuff and then WHAM all your blog has dissapeared coz u used the same bastard tab on firefox and you cant backtab coz it all dissapears

Ever done that ?

jesus its a pain - I love firefox though - truly i do !

Amazing new bridge in France

I just saw his on my BBC ticker nad it looks the nutz... A must see for any tourist that will be visiting the South of France next year - Click on the photo to see more linked fotos c/o the BBC . . . Apparently it rises above the clouds ! Blimey - why didnt they make the Dartford bridge a little nicer to look at ? Then again it didnt cost €500,000,000 to build !

Monday, December 13, 2004

Entertaining weekend (to say the least)

Here are some photos - The first one is the main hall at The Natural History Museum if you click you'll get a larger picture - and you'll see the big dinosaur - cor - and the middle is self explanatory - tis amazing that these bastar*s roamed the earth 157 million years ago isnt it ! - The last foto is the Balloon chandelier at the Victoria and Albert Museum - again click on it and see it in its full splendor. . its good trust me !

From left to right - Davids statue (i think it's just a copy but still bloody huge) then Harrods at night - there were like 100's of tourists taking photos at this point it was like being at a film premier - all those flashes going off - and lastly the Victoria and Albert museum in all its beautiful splendor - really was quite breathtaking. . . well it was ok !

Heres James, Karl and Timbo - Now Karl for some reason looks like Krusty the clown - Might even get to work on photoshop hehehe

Friday, December 10, 2004

Titter - mismatch of words

Now i have a little scrolling gizmo at the botom of my screen from the BBC - its a desktop ticker that delivers 'news' and garbage to my screen every day and i love it. Sometimes it brings up little gems of absolute class. Such as this little "titbit"

Now at first glance tell me you dont see the word "incontinent" first . . . .

Poll update - its not so good

Bollocks ~ the general feel so far is that my blog sucks and that i should get a new skin - well im now thinking about it - im not very happy about it - but at least im thinking of it - In truth i had a little go with trying a new skin some weeks ago and i didnt like it - maybe im vain.

So for the moment im going to practice getting the whole "skin" thing right - im gonna take my time and find something suitable for my persona - if that is - something out there that suits my flamboyant idiot personality ~ and on a separate issue - WHEN AM I GONNA STOP DRINKING IN THE WEEK ! aaaaaaaaaaaaah

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Use Condoms - Watch this video

hehe nicked from Scheiss Weekly. Just as it says a little video designed to stop you having children with the wrong partner - or in this case - AT ALL - got 2 mins on broadband ? with Quicktime? then click my lovely image.

New look blog on its way

Ive had a think on my blog - Im not sure i'm gonna do the whole new template thingy - as ive spent quite a bit of time on this one - It is however a standard issue blogger template - ive changed the main image in the background to a tiles hemp seed effect - however i quite like it and dont feel the need to change it - so i wont.

Watched Troy last night - was quite good - it prompted me to have flashbacks from school whence i learnt all about those fellas ... Menelaus and Achilles way back then - but was taught by an alcholic 60 a day smoking bloke called Mr.Stewart - thus it didnt really sink in - but a i love history now - Got King Arthur to watch as well so im looking forward to that too..

Right must do some bloody work

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Best arse - or is it ?

Right - James came in this morn and sent me a link to the website i have posted below... by the way i'm feeling very very VERY shite this morn - after way too many beers last night - ANYway - Here's a couple of photo's well worth a look ... from that website ....... (cant WAIT to see Sonia's bum later!)

The full pics are here but some are shown below.

(click to see full brilliant ass shots EVER)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Time to change this blog

Right - I've been scouting the net for templates to change the look and feel of my blog and i'm getting moist over a new one called "tunnel" - It needs manual HTML designing but the top bit looks awesome - just how i'd like it... Im still looking in fact but now ive been practicing with the HTML i feel a little easier about republishing my whole blog one day in the new design - im kinda worried that i choose a dark and moody blog design opposed to this airy feel that i like as well - Not just that i dont want to come across like a goth teenager mentalist - dooming and glooming with their ranting bitching and death-like boring-ness

Hmm so anyway i was gonna post a piccy but imagecave seems to have broken down - O god i hope it's not Dave the incredibly big headed shellsuit messing with my web access ... Balls

Right im off to play with my new x-box - bye

Monday, December 06, 2004

This weekend i . . .

Friday night .... ouch - it was Dharshika's bday from work - we all met in the Hogs as usual - quick pint of Heineken and off to The George - As more of the revellers turned up it became apparent that this was gonna be a bit messy to say the least .... I would post photos of green Reef being drunk mixed with Stella but it makes me ill so maybe in the week .... (Actually it's below as i ahd time to edit)

Tim had to go home as Baby had fallen down the stairs (luckily shes fine and only has bruising) Tim was a litle distraught ... rightly so --- So anyway off to Yates where i got told off taking photos . . . Fucking bouncers in Croydon should get out more to say the least !

Yes well - so onto 101 club next door - and it's all of a blur from there apart from this wicked foto which i do remember taking ....

Unfortunately my camera was set on 400 overexposure so the fotos came out very very white which was bit of a bummer - but u get the drift.

O on a separate level i got told i had to move out ... Not sure why .. maybe it has something to do with the table burn ... fuck knows whatever i need a chat with young MH as ur behaviour lately is getting more and more eratic and i'm not even sure i wanna stay there anymore. It's nice there - i keep myself to myself as much as i can - of course our paths cross - but i'm not an evil guy - far from it - free fags and booze with pizza last week - needless to say he's covered my back known and then but i think we need a chat... MH it's upto u pal - if u read this then i expect to know what's going on - And i will know that you have .... its called an IP address..

By the way - tonight if ur up for it we can sort shit out in the 2 for 1 place - OK ?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Just before i go and get pissed

Weve been talking about Deuce Bigalow - laughing at tourettes really - i think i have a small case of tourettes anyway heres that girl who makes me pee myself when i see the film - by the way theres a DB 2 coming out with Rachel Stevens in it.... woooo

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7. 09-Jan-1986XEROX.COM
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99. 24-Nov-1987KSR.COM
100. 30-Nov-1987NYNEXST.COM

Tiger Tiger ....

O dear me - i was in sleep mode - resting casually in my cave, whence the phone received yet another text from the lovely Sonia - "come and get me from Tiger Tiger" said a slightly wavering voice, obviously tainted with alchohol. "weve been drinking champagne" - Ouch went my head - i'd been downing a few tins myself and trying to finish off Deux-ex - Invisible War before my new game arrived... I thought better of it and decided my woman needed saving - So i got dressed and got a bus - meeting a Hungarian fella carrying a stereo in a bag who was on his way to Amsterdam apparently - was enlisting with some firm - wasnt sure what the fuck that was all about

So i got there - bought a stella bottle and looked about - looking for her and Dave - i was grabbed from behind - luckily she was on the way back from the bogs, i was saved. "really glad your here" she said ~ with a fantastic wet slippery kiss - my hands on her ass - shes got the best arse i have ever ever seen.

So . . .after a few glasses of champu and couple of bottles of beer, another drink was been offered by Marc - Who by the way i hadnt a clue would be there... was a little peeved - after all he'd been sticking it in her a few months before and by all accounts was pretty upset by it all when it broke down - I made myself clear to her that i wasnt happy with it.... i think it will come out in the wash - i also think other stuff but maybe my mind is too fragrant and shouldnt get involved with that stuff....

Sonia asked me to take her home - i agreed and we left for home - grabbing a taxi and strolling home. Went to sleep almost immediately as we were both knackered - actually she was asleep by the time id had a blast on a doobie - nice night - spent £1 getting there on the bus and £3 on beer - was totally rat faced

And to top it all off - Marc text her this morning (she'd left her phone in my pocket) and said "spent a fortune last night" hehehe ~ I KNOW !

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites

Oops - earlier in the week i posted a link for the Lycos Make love not Spam campaign and unfortunately for them they are in breach of DDoS (distributed denial of service) Their campaign was too succesful and knocked some sites completely offline. This means they have broken the law - They say this is not a problem for them and that the spammers are spreading malicious emails to attack Lycos in the same way..... Anyway - it's interesting that the law actually helps spammers and i feel that Lycos may feel themselves "collared" by the long arm of the law instead.

Read the full story over at BBC
BBC NEWS | Technology | Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites

I mean are you fucking joking ! ! !

I mean - jesus isn't this scam a bit old in the tooth - even my Mum (who's PC iliterate) can see thru this bollocks - I'm a bit concerned over the link at the bottom - Is it actually true ? Are these scammers hiding behind this Nigerian ex-leader i take it. Anyway i've sent an email saying i'd like to help (not)

Dear friend,

My name is Maryam Abacha, the wife of the former President of Nigeria. I am writing you this letter to propose a business that will be of mutual benefit to you and me.

After the death of my husband in 1998 most of his funds in Banks in Europe were confiscated by the Nigerian government. However, before his death he had deposited the sum of $16,000,000.00USD (Sixteen Million US dollars) with a Security and finance company in Europe.

This fund was transfered via Diplomatic means to the office of the Security firm in Europe to be secured in a Bonded safe vault. I need your assistance to claim this fund from the security firm and invest part of it into a profitable business in your country under your supervision and control. As soon as the fund gets into your country you will then assist me and my family to come over to your country where we hope to start a new life.

For your assistance i will give you 10% ($1.6 Million US Dollars) of the total fund, while a fraction of the fund will also be used to assist charity organisations.

Respond back to me immediately so i can give you more details and necessary documentations regarding this transaction.

Note also that you must keep my contact with you secret and confidential because the lives of my family is not safe here in Africa.

Best regards,

Maryam Abacha



Spam c/o

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Off to see "The Grudge" . . . .

Booked tickets for tonight @ 9.45pm . Sonia no doubt will be asleep by the start of the film - hey who cares ! Anyway im looking forward to it - bad nightmares and all !