Saturday, October 30, 2004

4 hours to go

Son and me are sitting at Matt's desk talking..... I've realised that im under-estimated and surely

in the wrong job...
U know the score .... piggy..

Friday, October 29, 2004

It's wet and i don't like it !

yes wet wet wet wet HATE it - bloody rain sucks .. I mean walking into work this morning in the rain is bad enough but having to dodge massive puddles and soggy leaves, roadworks and buses spraying shit and crap everywhere is the fukking worst .. Sod that im getting a car. Here's a nice picture of the linux penguin splashing around.

Click him for the full piccy - it's quite good ... like a scene from Fable or summink - which reminds me - i must get that chipped xbox sorted with matt so we can play baseball - and Links and Fable (at last) .... right must try and do some work like


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ok well i'd have thought that this thing would be able to post more then 1 foto at a time but perhaps not - So anyway here are those 2 pillocks again onlt that this one is Sam
(C)Ruthless Jack

Here's Karl and Sam dressed as idiots ..... jesus
(C)Ruthless Jack

Yes Tim you look very very VERY silly - THis is all down to Tim and his team losing to Dan and his team on call rate vs orders - sometimes tea making for a week is the forfeit - This time its dressing up as a clown ! terrific ! More to come as i get the pictures taken !
(C)Ruthless Jack

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why Why oo Why do i do it !

Another bloody day here at work feeling uncomfortably tired and generally sick from last nights boozing - Yet again i manage to harm myself menatlly by drinking copius amounts of red wine and smokin blunts with Matt.. However i did manage to get quite a way through Deus-Ex invisible war. Anyway im feeling very shite today - Got up as usual everything initially ok .. but after havin my 7.30am dump i felt really sick and then threw up in the bathroom - more or less a whole un -eaten potatoe skin from about 12pm last night - Must never ever do that again - Made me feel like crap all morning. Going to Sonias tonight . Staying there for 2 nights tonight and tomorrow - Just in case theres any confusion on what night im talking about. And then off to AMSTERDAM on Saturday morning early early doors ! By the way thats a great arial shot of the town - Im not allowed to take a camera coz the lads will be upto no good - hehe . Ok im off Tony wants me to do some calls for him the cock.

Jesus - just got off the phone after a 40 minute iR2200 call - Up against Top-4-Office and i rthink im losing that battle unfortunately ! We shall see though.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Blogging for Blogs sake

Been looking at loads of websites all about blogging today (not to be mistaken for dogging by the way!) What i am really trying to do is create a sexy template for me to be proud of - but im guessing it needs a lot of messin around coz ive seen the htlm and i cant really get my head round all the design of it quite yet - Altho' im the bollocks at creating word docs im not so good at html... heres what i managed to find.

Anyway have a good click on the link its pretty cool - loads of blogs from people in your area - Quiet weird really coz when i clicked on Carshalton Beeches (my home area) some gay fella has listed his blog - Well to me the area really isnt a gay haven but then - WHERE IS?

Brighton i think

the ex
(C)Ruthless Jack

London Bloggers Link

Monday, October 25, 2004

Morning ! Back from a really shit Friday afternoon where my "friend" Shaun decided to "pull rank" over me and take a refurb machine from under my nose ... Not a good thing and all it has done is put me out in the cold as far dmc goes.... May not go to Amsterdam now - im not overly bothered about it at all now. Anyway heres a pic of me and me Sweety Sonia from our black tie do on Saturday - I did actually look the bollocks ... and so did Sonia actually. Had a great time - didnt get too pissed and then got absolutely shagged up in room 139 - we trashed the hell out of it - and "christened" more or less every nook and cranny of the room. Next morning looked like a bomb had hit it ... Was very funny !
(C)Ruthless Jack

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Cook a Savoury dish competition ?


What the hell is this all about huh ! Who on fuck decided to make this shite up .... jesuuuus

Money Money Money . . . . .

Its a crap day today - Rainy and pretty shitty - got a bit pished last night but got to bed early and did the right thing and eat and drunk coffee before sleeping . .. Sonias a bit down coz shes run out of money and she really wants to buy some new shoes for Saturday's do in Essex wherever it bloody is - really not looking forward to it at all !

Louise the newbie opposite is wearing a very low cut top today and looking pretty good - apart from the teen spots over her top lip - Bless !

Now im off to write an email to Julie to get some cash for the train tomorow ! Really looking forward to that !

Monday, October 18, 2004

Weekends over - noooooooo.......

Hello monday

Now piss off and make it friday --- humph dont lik eit today - Im not going to get to see Sonia all fukking week - thats a load of bollocks - not fair - anyway - got Tux sorted for Saturday sort of - and Barries driving me to Moss Bros tomorrow to get measured up - cool . Had a great weekend - did absolutely bugger all and slept like a baby all weekend .. Especually last night . Im afraid miss Schnellyova im in love with you .... so get used to it

Aw you r such a softy you !

Friday, October 15, 2004

This is Mo - My glasses man - Due to the amazing chance of bumping into him whilst smashing my glasses up last month - i am now the proud owner of 2 pairs of normal specs and 1 pair of sunnies ! All for £30 ! amazing - I salute you Mo ....
(C)Ruthless Jack

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Good to have you back Sy

Great - Back from a day off from dmc only really to fall head long into a row with Justin and James over a lead for Greenwich London College - James kicked up a very gay stink over who the lead should belong to after he called it first but didn't put it on the lead sheet - Then accusing me of erasing it ! (that's just pure stoopid) Anyway all in all im actually bored of this job and im thinking of moving on to pastures greener. Its not the people i work with but im generally feeling unloved here - My bosses don't take time to say good morning - but do to my colleague and therefore im feeling unloved ... Well what do you expect - he is their favorite - nothing I can do about that really .. And that's what this gay squabble is all about - I just cant be arsed to argue about it - and I've probably slit my wrists about it anyway. The other thing about his argument is the time of putting the GM record on GM .. See there isn't one for James and yet YES his record was on before mine but he hadn't put any record on there of even calling him ? And also it wasn't entered onto the leadsheet .. o but he's accusing me of erasing it.

Nice fucking friend - and its nice that he feels its ok to make a big thing of it.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Ok - hello world - im back - been a little drunk all week - not so good and im getting as fat as a whale so all in all its not going so well .. Have booked Monday off and im seeing my dad whos getting better by the day i think so thats all good - Anyway Shaun finally got us a hotel for the Amsterdam trip at the end of teh month ... look whats next door ! heheh
(C)Ruthless Jack

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No fucking way would you get me up that fucking flagpole - If that is actually the World trade Centre imagine being at the top of that when those Al-Queda fukkers drove into the 2 buildings ! Bloody hell !
(C)Ruthless Jack

Well my job isnt that bad really is it !
(C)Ruthless Jack

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Too tired to type (nearly)

Yea well i keep starting my blogs - Yea Well - so i thought id start it just the same as i always do - Something just occured to me - isnt it strange that u can find yourself annoying ... mmm - must have a think about that one .. Anyway im fukking tired was upto god knows what time last night playing Links Golf and drinking my normal copius amounts of wife beater . Finally got to bed and eat crumpets and coffee on the hope that i wouldnt feel as shit as i did last Friday day ... ooops o Ye barrie doesnt like me anymore the old cock. Like i actually care anyway. must go now Barries out of the meeting

If off to meet my lovely Sonia after work for a beer so that will be nice - I actually missed her last nite - only coz shes very very very cuddly.. Im such an Iron ! (cockney ryming slang) god i must be bored to make all these links - and for who ?



Yes well ! My office can be very funny and this prooves it - We had a visit from Superman and Robin yesterday altho Robin looked a bit shit Superman made up for it with his large red pants - Well done kidda's !
(C)Ruthless Jack

Monday, October 04, 2004

Yes well i cant quite beleive it today - After having a day off on Friday i came in this morning with people bringing in there cakes for the dmc cake comp. Heres the proof that Vanessa Domiguez is a very weird girl - Anyway it seems that everyone made a massive effort and was a great success. On a separate matter im a little pissed off - I have no right to be really but Barrie Tottman seems to have lost a lot of faith in me - Up to me to regain it - Well i really dont care what the fuck anyone thinks especially these bunch of clowns in the office .... Why i have to look liek i care about what JH thinks im not sure but i do know that as from tomorrow i will be making more of an effort at work -- Which brings me to this - I wonder if my deal with Man Bytes Dog will be taken off me ... hmmmmm very interesting especially since Barrie isnt being the happy clappy chappy we all know and hate.
(C)Ruthless Jack